8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Designing a Conversational UI

Conversational Interface Best Practices

This is because these types of forms approach data collection as a conversation instead of one empty field after another. Adrian Zumbrunnen’s personal website chatbot explores the variety of ways human-computer interactions can be designed. When creating the tone of voice for my bank client, we recognized that emojis have become ingrained in casual chatting, and are often used to describe feelings. Because of our bank customer’s profile, we were very selective when choosing the emojis we used.

conversational ui design

Our expertise spans all major technologies and platforms, and advances to innovative technology trends. Drive sales by sending visitors to specific product pages on your store with this free bot template. WhatsApp chatbot template to help you get more leads for your Real Estate/Realtor Agency. Pick a ready to use chatbot template and customise it as per your needs. There is nothing more frustrating than getting stuck and having to re-start the conversation.Double and triple-check that every thread is connected and/or has an appropriate ending. If the customer wanted to read long explanations and description, they would visit your website and not talk to the bot.

Is Alexa a chatbot?

The simplest of Conversational UI elements is the Quick Reply component. In case you need some additional info on the topic, you can always reach out to us via messengers, email or using this contact form on our website. In case it messes up the whole dialogue, it’ll sound perfect at least.


When you flush out hidden assumptions, you can learn what your customers really want. If the CUI platform finds the user’s request vague and can’t convert it into an actionable parameter, it will ask follow-up questions. It will drastically widen the scope of conversational technologies, making it more adaptable to different channels and enterprises. Less effort required for CUI will result in better convenience for users, which is perhaps the ultimate goal. These challenges are important to understand when developing a specific conversational UI design. A lot can be learned from past experiences, which makes it possible to prevent these gaps from reaching their full potential.

Conversational UI challenge

When guiding a user through a process, it’s best to lead with a verb. “Select an option” is much easier to grasp than, “Here are the options. Pick 2.” Leading with the verb sets the expectation from the beginning. When you don’t lead with a verb, it takes a while longer for the user conversational ui design to understand what it is they need to do, which in turn can create a stressful experience. Voice assistants found in smart speakers and modern car dashboards — When these assistants don’t understand something the user said, you may hear “I didn’t quite catch that, did you mean___?

  • Messaging, though completely technology-enabled has become a fundamental part of human experience.
  • Users are generally aware that chatbots don’t have feelings, yet they prefer a bot’s responses to be warm and human, rather than cold and robotic.
  • Not just for a better CX but also because chatbot flows are often written by multiple people who will struggle without cohesive guidelines.
  • Voice-operated technologies become a seamless part of a users’ daily life and work.
  • Let’s explore some of the best chatbot UI examples currently in use.
  • Furthermore, we’d like to add three extra points that’ll help you create really functional and smooth dialogues.

The users can practice their learning by recording their sound, listening to pre-recorded conversations, and inputting text to assess their knowledge. Erica is one of the most remarkable solutions in the banking industry. Bank of America launched this chatbot cum virtual assistant to help its customers with their basic banking needs.

You can restrict the input to be just numerals, or something that you pick from a predetermined list. There’s nothing more valuable than getting diverse people to test your experiences. Observation is the most useful approach, but there are many ways to get valuable feedback on prototypes. Are there responses or interpretations that could be misunderstood by certain people, or that need more clarity for others?

  • This is why trying to be conversational intentionally is not that easy.
  • Conversational form design is when you lead customers through a survey or quiz one question at a time.
  • Chatbots where the user interacts with the bots by typing commands or queries.
  • Here are several areas where these solutions can make an impressive impact.

On the other hand, it turns into quite a frustrating experience when a conversation with a chatbot hits a dead-end. A conversational interface can distill a user’s entire experience with your brand conversational ui design into a few quick messages, so it’s important the conversation leave a good impression. In order to create a memorable, personal experience, your interface needs to have its own personality.

Apart from the copy itself, your personality may also be reflected in the bot’s name and avatar . Research the potential audience, discover their needs and desires. Just remember that in the majority of cases, the users will want to solve their problem in the fastest way possible.

You can decide to adjust your website’s copy to leverage conversational principles like in the example with FB post prompt. Either way, it’s important to understand the best chatbot practices and that conversation design is not a simple act of writing down text in a conversational format. Conversational form design is very similar to how artificial intelligence performs customer service through live chat and chatbots. The computer software is programmed to ask one question, wait for an answer, then use conditional logic to know what question to ask next. They are all about collecting the information you need while making the user experience more engaging. Open-ended questions allow users to respond in ways the chatbot may not support, so instead of using open intents, closed intents will keep users on the flow.

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